All applicants are interviewed in-person with a full detailed screening. Upon hire, all employees receive a 2-week rigorous training period and are required to stay up to date on OSHA training material. Employees of Cleaning Hotline are not temporary or 1099 contractors but are vetted employees.

Yes, because continuity makes for more consistent service. However, for an initial cleaning or large job, we will send additional housekeepers. You will not need to worry about who is coming to your home, as you will receive your own assigned housekeeper that will learn your specific needs.

No, most homeowners are not home. Having a cleaning services is supposed to give you more time, not take up your time. There are many ways to arrange a cleaning without being present.

We will make confidential arrangements with you on how to gain access. Current methods include: Simply letting us in, providing us with a spare key, lockbox/keypad/garage code, or leaving a key for us to return/leave in the house when we are finished.

In order for the housekeeper to do their job, we ask that you pick up clothes, toys and other household items. You may communicate to the office any possible areas that you may have concerns about.

Of course, our housekeepers follow cleaning guidelines that are comparable to all properties. If a customer has specific instructions for their home, this will be listed in their profile. If instructions change, contact our office prior to your scheduled appointment. For last minute requests, please respond to your reminder/confirmation email OR leave a note at your scheduled appointment.

No, you are not required to provide cleaning products or equipment. Cleaning Hotline has professional grade tools and cleaning supplies to provide full cleaning services. Of course, if you prefer we use your specific products, just let us know.

We love animals, but sometimes they do not love us. If you think your pet may become overly anxious while we are in your home, please make temporary arrangements (such as the garage, a kennel, or a closed off room)  Also, for sanitary purposes, we do not clean up after sick pets or pet accidents.

Not a thing! Even if you have never used a cleaning service before, it is as easy as ordering a pizza or an Uber. Booking online or with a phone call is a very quick process and all our staff will be very professional and friendly. Having your home cleaned is not only a great feeling but one of the best things you can do to free up time for the things you love.

Our system is streamlined to make your experience simple.  You may click HERE to book an appointment or give us a call and would be happy to explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

Please note that your time is a range, this is our “arrival window” to deal with the unpredictability of traffic, parking, and other unexpected circumstances. 

Cleaning Hotline hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.  If you want to request a special cleaning outside of normal working hours, please contact our office.

You may cancel an appointment by contacting our office or by simply responding to your reminder/confirmation email.

A client may skip or cancel any of their scheduled cleanings, however, Cleaning Hotline, LLC does request a 48-hour notice for either of these actions.  Cancellations with less than a 48-hour notice of scheduled services will result in a $25 cancellation fee.  Cancellations made after the housekeeper has arrived onsite will result in a $50 cancellation fee.  If circumstances prevent your housekeeper from gaining access, including, but not limited to, unsecured pets, no key, garage code not provided or an activated alarm system, you will incur a $50 Lock-out fee. 

Cleaning Hotline accepts all major credit cards and simplifies payments with the option of online click to pay directly to your email. Other payments accepted are check and cash left for your housekeeper to pick up at the time of cleaning.

Yes. Tips are not expected but are certainly appreciated by our housekeepers.

There are many reasons people choose recurring cleaning services.  It can otherwise be known as maintenance cleaning.  Regular cleaning preserves the quality of materials, as build-up can wear down the surfaces of your home. It also reduces allergies, prevents mold, and saves you the time of having to do it yourself! Essentially, we are taking care of cleaning surfaces on a regular basis, so they don’t get overwhelmingly dirty.  A clean home is a happy home.

The initial cleaning visit to your home will take more time than your regular maintenance cleanings.  Types of things that can cause this are: new construction, renovations, regular build-up in kitchens, bathrooms, dust, floors. Specifically, grease, soap scum, fingerprints, bugs, shoe prints, splatters, hair/fur, etc.